Drakes Cakes Credit Card Procedures for Purchasing at the PAYPAL Screen.

1)  If you have been having troubles on Purchasing Follow the steps below.

2)  Now you have your order and have gone to the checkout screen and you get this screen below. click on where it says  DON'T HAVE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT ?CLICK HERE   located at the bottom of your screen.

3)  That does not mean you are going to apply for one It does mean This is where you use your CREDIT CARD ACCOUNT      as you see by the next screen.



below you will see the credit card and debit card info

continue here to purchase and then click continue when done




Shopping on the net, inc.

Billing Information

indicates required fields Secure Transaction 

Welcome to the PayPal Checkout.

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Credit or Debit Card Information

(as it appears on card)
(as it appears on card)

Billing Address

 (5 or 9 digits)
Yes, it is the same as my shipping address

Contact Information and Security Check


Cancel and Return to Merchant
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If you cannot follow this just call us and we can process your purchase request right over the phone 1-631-979-3353



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